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At Serenity Natural Health Center, Dr. Ashley guarantees you that you will be seen within 10 minutes of your scheduled appointment.  No need to block out half your day to spend waiting at the doctor's office.

Do you want to be seen as more than your disease?

Just like no two individuals are alike, no two diseases and their treatment approach should be alike. At Serenity Natural Health Center, you are treated as an individual and we come up with a health plan that works for you.

Do you want a drug-free approach?

While there is a time and a place for pharmaceuticals, a lot of chronic diseases that Americans suffer from can be helped without drugs.  Dr. Ashley helps you take control of your health, drug-free.

Do you want a doctor who listens?

Dr. Ashley spends, on average, 90 minutes, for new patient visits, to really get to know you and your health journey. Subsequent follow-up visits are 45 minutes, allowing you time to ask Dr. Ashley all your health questions.

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There Is No Magic Pill: Six Forgotten Truths About Healing

We live in a society that has been taught to think that healing comes in a small pill.  All we...


Book Review: Brain Maker

Title: Brain Maker Author: David Perlmutter, MD Release Date: April 2015 The longer I practice, the more I am painfully...

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Feeling Overwhelmed With Making Changes? Do This ONE Thing First

A large part of having and maintaining a healthy life can involve change.  Change can be drastic and big and...


What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About “The Pill”

Think birth control pills are 100% safe and side effect free? Think again

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Nine Things I Wish My Patients Knew About Homeopathy

Homeopathy (ho-me-op-a-thy) is an individualized system of medicine that I use frequently with patients due to its efficacy, low-cost, and...


2016 Natural Cancer Prevention Summit

Did you know? 90% of cancers are preventable! In addition to the 14 million new cases each year, diagnoses of cancer are...


What is the One Organ You Should Love?

The body is an amazingly complex system, governed by a network of chemical highways.  The best part about this system is...


Endometriosis: More Than Your Average Monthly Nuisance

I recently saw an article on my Facebook feed from a popular online publication about a company offering women time...

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Roasted Veggies with Rosemary and Thyme

With winter upon us, chilly salads don’t have the same appeal.  Finding warm veggie dishes to make sure you’re still...

Open house celebration!

A New Chapter

Last month we held an open house to celebrate Serenity’s one year anniversary (which was technically September) and honor naturopathic medicine...

Trifolium pratense aka Red Clover

Flower Power Salad

Since moving to Frederick in August, I’ve been having such a great time identifying and using native herbs.  But many...


What To Do If Diabetes Runs In Your Family

“Diabetes runs in my family and I want to know what can I do to prevent it from happening.” .v1ctor...

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